Internal logistics: flexible, space-saving and resource-efficient

In a modern production plant, internal logistics is an important factor that requires the greatest attention. To ensure that the flow of materials and goods from the warehouse to the finished product is resource-efficient, space-saving transport systems that are both flexible and powerful are a decisive competitive advantage for your company.

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Many intralogistics systems are not yet optimized

The internal logistics within a company are not yet optimally thought out in many production companies. There is movement everywhere in production. Machines are running, forklift drivers hurry through the hall, and work is often done manually by the employees. An efficient material flow within the production is an important factor to save time and money for the entrepreneur.

The challenges in production may have also increased significantly in your company as a result of global growth and the increased demands of customers and suppliers:

  • Expansion of your production capacities for additional orders

  • Use of new machines and technical equipment for modern manufacturing processes

  • Challenges to your production due to individual customer requirements

  • Building up storage capacity for a greater variety of products

In many cases, growth takes place in an uncontrolled manner, and internal logistics are not promptly adapted to the changed structures on the production floor. A large part of the manufacturing time is influenced by processes related to your intralogistics.

These suggestions can help to optimize the internal logistics in your company:

  • Compact storage concepts

  • Tailor-made transport systems

  • Resource efficiency - saving space

  • Expandability

With tailor-made solutions for your company, you can improve your internal logistics and thus save valuable resources. Intelligent and efficient systems for intralogistics, such as the solutions from montratec and similar companies, can significantly optimize the material flow and production time in your operation.

Compact warehouse concepts

Internal logistics already starts in the warehouse, where in many cases, the delivered raw materials and starting materials are piled up unsorted. To ensure that production employees do not lose any time, little attention is often paid to the materials warehouse. These problems occur in many cases:

  • High stock levels due to over-hasty orders (unnecessary tying up of capital)

  • Goods have to be searched for in the warehouse

  • Long distances between warehouse and production facilities

  • Manual movement of stock without technical solutions

  • Too little space in the warehouse

  • Low degree of automation in the warehouse

Here, well thought-out internal logistics can help to automate individual processes and reduce the manual effort in the warehouse to a minimum.

Modern systems from the field of intralogistics 4.0 offer you solutions that revolutionize your warehouse management. For example, you can use these systems from the field of "smart logistics":

  • GPS

  • RFID chip technology

  • TelematicsInternet solutions from the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Computer structures on a cloud basis

With these technologies, it is possible to precisely identify all stocks in your warehouse and network them sensibly via the Internet. Warehouse movements can then be triggered and controlled automatically. For example, production facilities can report when material is needed, and the intelligent warehouse can independently detect when new material needs to be ordered in a timely manner. Automated transport solutions can, for example, use a system of monorails to transport required material directly from the warehouse to the production facilities.

Transfer systems in comparison

In intralogistics, there are now various forms of transport systems that can be used depending on the area of application. We provide a brief overview of the different systems and their properties.

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Transfer systems in comparison

Tailor-made transport systems

Short distances within production and an optimized warehouse are the challenges that the future transport solutions will have to meet. Because customer requirements for fast and flexible production are becoming ever greater, the manufacturer must use all available resources to carry out even complex customer orders just-in-time. Often there are only small batch sizes or special designs that require intelligent systems in production. Due to these circumstances, customized transport systems can help automate your company's processes, saving you time and money. Overall, this optimizes your manufacturing process.

For efficient production, it is crucial that the machines and technical equipment in your plant do not lose time due to standstill or idling

For this reason, customized transport systems are an integral part of your internal logistics. With existing systems, it is often difficult to find intelligent transport solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. These systems must:

  • Flexible

  • Seamless integration

  • Easy to install

  • Space-saving

  • Compatible

  • Efficiency-increasing

so that your intralogistics benefit from the extensive advantages. The use of modern technology from the Intralogistics 4.0 segment is a decisive competitive advantage for successful production companies.

Resource efficiency - saving space

In many production facilities, space is often at a premium. Ever new demands on:

  • Shortened product cycles

  • New market requirements

  • Individual batch sizes and special designs

  • Faster throughput times

require investments in additional machines and technical equipment. As a result, many manufacturing companies have increasingly large production facilities that require additional space. Here, internal logistics often falls by the wayside, experiencing only an unnoticed niche existence in many companies. This is a big mistake because a predominant part of production time is linked to processes within intralogistics.

In order to optimize the utilization in your production rooms, saving space is the magic word. The area of your building for the production of goods is limited.

Have you ever thought about using the ceiling in your production rooms for transport solutions in the context of internal logistics?

Intelligent systems, such as the Shuttle System from montratec, can be conveniently installed in the ceiling of the hall. This gives you additional options for carrying out logistical work steps. The intelligent system is based on a monorail, which can be easily adapted to your company's exact requirements in a modular design. Even the number of shuttles used, which move independently without any problems in curves and height changes, can be changed as desired.


Modern production processes according to the industry standard 4.0 require flexible solutions also in internal logistics. Thus, an existing system must cope with new challenges and be easily adapted to changed processes. In this context, an expandable system in intralogistics has significant advantages over a one-time permanently installed system

A modular system, which can be permanently changed and extended according to the modular principle, is an optimal solution. At the same time, a modern Intralogistics 4.0 system grows with the constantly increasing challenges. A technically high-quality transport solution that can communicate with all systems in production via the Internet of Things (IoT) is the way forward here.

In assembly automation, demanding transport tasks often have to be fulfilled in the tightest of spaces. Because production processes are constantly being re-linked, it is necessary that your internal logistics are also expanded accordingly. Simultaneously, the removal of old transport routes must be quick and uncomplicated so that there is no standstill or idle time in production. A modern transport system based on a monorail, such as the intralogistics of montratec, consists of individual modular parts. For a flexible routing, there are elements like:

  • Curves

  • Switches

  • Crossings

  • Lifts

which offers you all options within your production hall.


A modern production process in the factory of the future requires internal logistics that are flexible, space-saving, and resource-efficient at the same time. To this end, compact storage concepts and customized transport systems are just as important as resource efficiency and expandability of existing facilities. Modern concepts can save space and optimize the processes in the production of goods and merchandise. montratec offers you optimal solutions for the internal logistics of the future.